Where Mark Stands

Mark Moores:  New Mexico Senate Dsitrict 21

“I’ll stand up for our values and fight corruption in Santa Fe.” –Mark Moores

Stop providing drivers’ licenses to illegal immigrants. This fraud and abuse of our system must end. I’ll stand by the efforts of Governor Martinez to end this practice.  This is a critical public safety issue. It has been reported that international crime syndicates have targeted New Mexico and criminals are coming to our state to get drivers’ licenses.

Improve our schools by ending social promotion and giving letter grades to all schools. Throwing money at the status quo is not the answer. My wife, LeeAnn, is a proud public school teacher, and both our mothers and fathers were educators. We are proud that our daughter attends public school at La Cueva High School. However, our schools are failing to provide a great education for many of our children. We must focus our efforts on intervention to make sure that kids have the resources available so that they can read by the third grade. We owe it to the students to not just pass the problem on to someone else.

Require photo ID before being allowed to vote. We must protect the integrity of our electoral system. Requiring a photo ID to vote should be mandatory to help prevent voter fraud and restore the public’s confidence in our elections.

Eliminating red tape and lowering government spending. The economy needs the government to get out of the way. We need smarter tax policies and we need to reduce out of control spending in Santa Fe. I applaud Governor Martinez for refocusing our priorities and look at ways to eliminate bureaucracies that hurt business and hinder our ability to grow our economy. I will fight new taxes that hinder job growth and I will look at ways to consolidate agencies and eliminate redundant services.

I will fight against back room corruption in Santa Fe. I am a proud New Mexican, but ashamed of crony politics and our state’s culture of political corruption. Pay-to-play politics cannot be tolerated and public officials must be held accountable. They should lose their pensions, be removed from office immediately if they are convicted and be banned from being able to work with the government again. They also should have to pay their own legal expenses instead of the taxpayers having to foot the bill.